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Category: Pulse of the Planet

Pulse of the Planet – Floppy Flier

This is a series I helped write and produce for Jim Metzner’s Kid Science Challenge, a national competition for 3rd to 6th graders. The theme for this challenge was bio-inspired design, and the winner was Delaware 5th grader Olivia Smith-Donovan. She traveled to California to meet with UC Merced professor Christopher Viney to help make her maple seed helicopter design a reality. I produced four segments from their time together, using audio and video interviews to pull together the sound of their experience. This is the first:

Floppy flier: Maple tree seed pods are the inspiration for a new way to deliver relief supplies via airplane.

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Pulse of the Planet – Compostable Plastic

I recently started doing some production work for Jim Metzner, creator and host of Pulse of the Planet, daily “two-minute sound portraits of the planet” that air on radio programs across the country. Jim would essentially hand me a raw interview he’d recorded and say “find me some stories.” My first assignment was an interview with Richard Gross, a professor of chemical and biological science at Polytechnic Institute of New York University.

Compostable Plastic: Conventional plastic can persist for hundreds of years, but bag your produce in bio-based plastic, and you can toss the scraps AND the bag right into the compost bin.

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