Countering Violent Extremism: An International Town Hall

Recent terrorist attacks on Western soil, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and the shooting in Garland, Texas, have galvanized people on both sides of the Atlantic to take stronger action to counter violent extremism in Muslim communities. To discuss how the US and Europe are addressing the unprecedented recruitment effort by the Islamic…


Understanding Islamic Feminism

Many things need to happen in the Middle East to bring stability to the region. But one of the most important is elevating the role of women. In this hour-long program we’ll visit Egypt, where we learn how one of the world’s most influential centers of Islamic study is squaring its teachings with the changing…

Yangon Mosque Pagoda 2

Burma at the Crossroads

This fall, Burma is scheduled to hold a historic presidential election. But with ongoing persecution of ethnic minorities and many other human rights issues, many wonder if the nation is ready for true reform.


Saving Innocence: The Global Fight to End Child Marriage

Every year, 15 million girls are forced into marriage, many of them before they turn 15. This month, America Abroad travels to Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Pakistan to talk to individuals and organizations working to change laws and change minds about child marriage. We also talk to Mabel van Oranje, the founder of Girls Not…


Cuba and America: After the Thaw

President Obama’s announcement to begin normalizing relations with Cuba marks the most significant change in US policy toward the island nation in a half century. But as America looks to make it easier to travel to the country and establish more economic ties, what does that mean for the average Cuban or Cuban American? In…


IEEE Spectrum – FutureCar

My latest program for IEEE Spectrum – this one on Cars of the Future. My 3-year-old and his best friend even have a cameo! FutureCar: Accelerating Into the Future – Looking at three- and four-wheeled automobiles, high-mileage cars, driverless vehicles, hybrid supercars, and more.


IEEE Spectrum – Futurework

I produced segments A and C of this hour-long program on the Future of Work for IEEE Spectrum Radio. Technological advances have put us on the edge of a new industrial revolution. The program explores how technology will redefine the culture of work. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and professor of public policy at the…