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Month: February 2010

Distillations #89 – Plastic World

One of the things I love about Distillations/CHF is that they celebrate as well as criticize the chemistry that makes our modern world possible.

In this show we take a critical look at plastics, with segments on corn-based plastics that aren’t as eco-friendly as they seem, the dangerous chemicals that can seep into our food from plastic containers, and an interview with a former Dupont chemist who developed the packaging that keeps our meat looking fresh.

Image by Dierk Schaefer via wikimedia commons.

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Distillations #88 – A Sense of Scent

A show inspired by this quote from Diane Ackerman’s Natural History of the Senses:

Smells spur memories, but they also rouse our dozy sense, pamper and indulge us, help define our self-image, stir the cauldron of our seductiveness…

Segments on the physiology of the schnoz,  a new technology that attempts to mimic a canine’s incredible sniffer, and a feature from super-talented newbie producer Douglas Smith about a french perfumer, an iphone app, and how music inspires scent.

Image via Flickr user dakotaduff.

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