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Month: October 2011

Distillations #133 – Halloween Candy

I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit Hyde Park’s CIA since I moved to the Hudson Valley, and I finally found one. On this Halloween episode of Distillations, I learn to make candy corn with the Culinary Institute’s Peter Greweling. Plus, I find an excuse to call my friend Iris – a Dutch expat now living in Alaska – to interview her about a Dutch treat I can only describe as… inedible. But she LOVES it. We have a segment on what Drop, or salt licorice, is made of. Here’s a hint: one of the ingredients can also be found in fertilizer.

Image courtesy of flickr user Juushika Redgrave.

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Distillations #132 – Desert Harvest

My upstate NY garden is offering up the last of its bounty for the season – a few green beans, the final tomatoes, some late-season lettuces. And in this week’s episode of Distillations, we celebrate the end of the fall harvest. First, a segment on the Doomsday Vault, a safe-deposit box for plant seeds – buried deep in a mountain in the middle of the Arctic. Then, producer Sabiha Khan has the story of Miguel Santistevan, who uses the farming techniques of his ancestors to grow crops in the harsh high desert of Northern New Mexico.

Image courtesy of Mary Tefre/Svalbard Globale Seed Vault.

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The Tape Sync

I have done dozens of tape syncs as a freelancer and I rarely get to hear how the tape I gather gets used. But this time was different. My friend and fellow j-school graduate Tamara Keith needed sound from Schoharie, NY, a city that was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. So I drove up there and met Harold Vroman and Alicia Terry, held the mic while Tamara interviewed them over the phone from DC, and then had them show me around town. I sent the tape to Tamara from the parking lot of the Schoharie Free Library, and she wrote this story.

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