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Month: July 2012

Distillations #152 – Best of Season 5, Part 1

It’s our annual “best of” shows this month, when we highlight our favorite segments from the past year. First, producer Diane Hope created this lush sound portrait for the Our Chemical Landscape series. The Wild reveals how animals communicate in harsh climates using chemistry. Next, CHF’s Bob Kenworthy explains how an old manufacturing town in Pennsylvania is attempting to clean up its tainted land from our Asbestos show.

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Distillations #151 – Tears

And the trifecta is complete – this is Distillations final episode of our three-part series Blood, Sweat, and Tears. In this show, reporter Douglas Smith talks to a friend who can’t make tears. Then, a segment on the excessive tearing caused by onions, and how one scientist is trying to bioengineer a no-cry version.


And here’s the third and final video from Josh Kurz about the three types of human tears, with a little help from Elizabeth Bennet.

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