IEEE Spectrum – FutureCar

My latest program for IEEE Spectrum – this one on Cars of the Future. My 3-year-old and his best friend even have a cameo! FutureCar: Accelerating Into the Future – Looking at three- and four-wheeled automobiles, high-mileage cars, driverless vehicles, hybrid supercars, and more.

IEEE Spectrum – Futurework

I produced segments A and C of this hour-long program on the Future of Work for IEEE Spectrum Radio. Technological advances have put us on the edge of a new industrial revolution. The program explores how technology will redefine the culture of work. Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and professor of public policy at the…

IEEE Spectrum – Grokking Democracy

I helped produce this hour-long doc for IEEE Spectrum: Grokking Democracy, how technology is changing the democratic process. My main contributions are the interviews with Ethan Roeder and Jim Gilliam. Pretty thrilling to work with Lisa Mullins whose voice I’ve admired for a long, long time.

Life in 2030 – Smart Fibers

My latest feature for IEEE Spectrum Radio is about the future of textiles – clothes that can keep you healthy, that charge your cell phone, and that never get dirty; fabrics that can change color, can keep you warm or cool depending on the weather, and can deliver medicines through your skin throughout the day.…

Improv and Emergency Response

I reported this piece over the summer and it’s finally out in the world! It’s about an RPI engineer who studied how jazz music can help teach first responders to improvise better under pressure. It was produced for IEEE Spectrum Radio in collaboration with the NSF, and was mixed (beautifully) by Dennis Foley. You can…