I’ve been teaching audio pretty much as long as I’ve been studying it. I love to share my passion for the subject with anyone who will listen, and I’ve developed a series of workshops on a variety of topics over the years. Check back here for syllabi and other resources.

Mia is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. No exaggeration. I learned more from her about radio in a first five minute conversation than I did all of last year. She is enthusiastic, knowledgable, patient and approachable. All of these qualities come through in her feedback and comments on work. I think she’s an incredible asset to CUNY and I feel lucky to have worked with her.

What I’ve Taught

  • Broadcast News Writing & Production
  • Fundamentals of Multimedia Storytelling
  • Interviewing for Broadcast
  • History of Broadcasting
  • Digital Audio Storytelling
  • Sound Science
  • Podcasting
  • Voiceover

Where I’ve Taught

I also do individual and group training sessions for non-profits, co-working communities, freelancers, and others. CONTACT ME for more information.


Course descriptions:

Jour73200 Audio Podcasting 3 credits

This advanced level workshop focuses on creating and packaging news and information for broadcast and download via the internet. Students will rotate duties as producers, reporters, and editors on a professionally hosted and produced news magazine. Prerequisite: Audio News Writing & Reporting or permission of the instructor.