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Month: September 2011

Distillations #131 – Dinosaurs!

We love to talk about history on Distillations and on today’s show we go way back to the Jurassic Era.

First, a look at how some recent fossilized finds have strengthened the link between birds and dinosaurs. Then, producer Lindsay Patterson talks to paleontologist Jack Horner and others about why triceratops may follow brontosaurus out of the pre-history books.

Plus, the catchiest dinosaur rap I’ve ever heard. ROAR!

I dedicate this show to my dino-obsessed three-year-old, who probably could have fact-checked this entire show.

Image courtesy of Flickr user InfoMofo.

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Distillations #130 – The Wild

This is the fourth and final episode of Distillations’ series Our Chemical Landscape – a look at how science has shaped each of these four areas: the city, the suburb, the farm, and today, the wild. In this sound-rich show, we look at how animals use chemistry to communicate.

From the Distillations website:

First we learn about the firefly singles’ scene. And next, producer Diane Hope explores the clever ways residents of the Sonoran Desert interact while hiding from the harsh world around them.

Image courtesy of Flickr user kangotraveler.

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