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Month: September 2012

Distillations #156 – Hard to Stomach

My four-year-old son’s favorite new phrase – don’t yuck my yum – is a perfect description of this episode of Distillations, though there are few who would find body cheese truly tasteful. Reporter Lindsay Patterson visits South by South Swab – a SXSW event in which a biologist and smell researcher create personalized cheeses from strains of human bacteria. It’s literal toe cheese. (Gag.) Then, when your stomach settles, Jacqueline Boytim explains why the thought of body cheese can make you nauseous without having to taste the stuff.

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Distillations #155 – Shipwrecked!

In this episode of Distillations, we dive into the murky depths to explore the chemistry of shipwrecks. First, a feature about an Australian marine chemist produced by the amazingly talented scientist turned sound recordist Diane Hope. Then, an historical overview of how many-thousand-year-old wrecks can provide a glimpse into ancient civilizations. Lots of fun music in this one.


Original illustration by Anthony Anthony. Reproduction courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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