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Month: May 2010

2 years ago today

Two years ago today, just about an hour ago, little Z made his appearance. Anyone who’s followed this blog knows that we didn’t have an easy time of it in the beginning, or after three months, or six months, or nine months, or even into the first year. Z challenged us with just about everything and we spent many, many hours, days, months trying to figure out what we were doing wrong, what we could do better, how to make this crazy, big-eyed kid happy and healthy. And if I’m being completely honest, I spent a lot of time feeling like a failure.

Two years later, Z is a smart, funny, talkative, smiley, inquisitive, sweet little boy who regularly doles out hugs and kisses and “I love yous,” and sings, and dances, and runs, and *almost* jumps (“sooo close!” he says), and makes us laugh every day. He loves to read books, he loves cars and trucks and trains, he loves animals – especially bugs, snakes, spiders, and komodo dragons. He loves Sesame Street – especially Cookie Monster, and he loves turkey burgers and meat and beans. (“Tacos everyday!” he says.)

He still prefers to be outside, he prefers to have our undivided attention every moment of the day, he’s still sensitive, wary of new people and things, headstrong, and demanding. But at two years old, he’s a person I’m truly enjoy spending my time with, and I am honored and proud to be his mama. We must have done something right. Happy Birthday, little Z. I love you!


Distillations #94 – Scientific Visions

This show is about looking back to the future from the past. Yeah – it was confusing to me too. Segments on the supposedly cure-all “magic bullet,” the reality of space colonization, and a fabulous feature from Aries Keck on fembots.

I found this great Back to the Future remake that I couldn’t fit into the show so I’m posting it here.

Image courtesy of Flickr user tienvijftien.

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