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Month: April 2011

Distillations #120 – Nuclear Medicine

In this episode of Distillations, we look at the use of radioactive isotopes in medicine. First, a segment on using radioactive iodine to cure thyroid cancer. And an interview with two scientists who use PET scans to study the effects of alternative treatments like acupuncture and meditation.

Image of PET scan from a former opioid addict under the influence of morphine, circa 1980.

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Distillations #119 – Climate Change

Distillations celebrates Earth Day with a show on climate change. First, we profile Chad and Bangladesh – two countries facing opposite but equally devastating effects of climate change – extreme drought and extreme flooding. Then, an interview with atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon, a key member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, about what the world’s population might face in the future.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Flying Singer.

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Distillations #118 – Placebos

Distillations April Fools’-themed show looks at medical trickery through the ages. First, a segment on 18th-century doctor Franz Mesmer and the earliest documented evidence of the placebo effect in action. (Origin of the term “to mesmerize!”) Then, a feature from super creative audio/video producer Josh Kurz on the modern placebo, and how the pesky human brain both helps and hinders modern medical trials.

Image of Franz Anton Mesmer, 1815.

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