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3 weeks with zeke

Zeke is three weeks old today and he’s turning into quite the charming little guy. He’s already changed so much – he spends much more time wide awake, taking it all in. His eyes are turning a lovely shade of dark blue and he has the prettiest eyelashes. His peach fuzz blond hair is just a bit longer in the back and his little legs are slowly starting to uncurl.

He’s definitely asserting his personality much more as well. He has long stretches of quiet alert time during the day, and a long fussy period in the evening where he seems to want to open his mouth and tell us exactly what he needs, but he gets even more frustrated when all that comes out is a loud, assertive “wah!” He’s mostly comforted by sucking, but when mom just can’t stand it anymore, he can occasionally be appeased by bouncing on the exercise ball, going for walks by the lake, and lying on his changing table listening to the hair dryer. (Speaking of his changing table, he has believably loud and explosive poos that rival his dad’s and scare the bird. Amazing.)

He loves to stare at our Cosby sweater couch pillows and the checkerboard ears of the stuffed dog toy from Dave’s cousin Alysia. He does tummy time every day and seems to have amazing neck strength for such a little guy. It’s hard to say if 3 times makes a pattern, but he tends to sleep for 4-6 hours between 12 and 6am and dozes on and off the rest of the day. Not bad for a newborn.

Dave and I are tired of course, and the long fussy periods are hard, but when he wakes up from a nap and spends the next 5 minutes stretching his little limbs and staring up at us with these bright, clear eyes, I could just die with love for him. And I could stare at him for hours when he’s so peacefully asleep. I think we’ll keep him.

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