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zeke at 5 weeks (and the state of my wardrobe)

Zeke had his one month pediatrician appointment today (even though he’s now 5 weeks) and he’s doing great. Despite my breastfeeding concerns, he’s gaining lots of weight and now weights 9 pounds 2 ounces. That means he’s gaining over an ounce a day which is pretty incredible. He’s also grown over two inches in length and his head has grown by a few centimeters. (Go little brain, go!) He has a little bit of diaper rash and lots of baby acne, but it’s all normal and should go away with time and a little bit of extra care in the diaper region.

Z gave the doctor a lovely demonstration of his incredible screaming abilities after being naked for just a bit too long, and she assured us that even that was normal. (She did call his nightly screaming “baby colic” which peaked my fears of having a colicky baby, but so far tonight he’s slept right through his regular fussy time and from what I’ve heard about other colicky babies, what we’re dealing with is nothing.)

I haven’t had myself weighed or measured since my last midwife appointment about 3 weeks ago, but I can say that my body is a bit out of whack. It didn’t really occur to me that I could get away with just a few maternity clothes, but that I would need a whole new wardrobe for my postpartum figure. I gained 30 pounds when I was pregnant, and I know I’ve lost at least half of that already. But my regular clothes definitely don’t fit and my maternity clothes are sagging. (Not to mention I’m sick to death of them.) I got a waist expander belt thingy so I can at least pretend to wear some of my regular pants, but they don’t make such a thing for tops and I can’t see how I’m ever going to be able to squeeze these giant bosoms into my regular clothes. I guess I’ll be making another trip to Old Navy to buy some cheap and expendable giant shirts.


  1. specules
    specules June 19, 2008

    Freecycle, baby, freecycle!
    East bay homepage
    East bay yahoo groups page

    You WILL be inundated with emails, even in daily digest mode, but so worth it. I’ve gotten a whole bag of size 8.5 shoes (good brands, too), a whole bag of maternity clothes (a dozen or so items, excellent condition), and a diaper bag that probably went for $65 when it was new. I’ve given a few things away to balance the karma but either way, this thing is awesome.

    And yes, Old Navy is always there. Maybe you might have some luck at Ross, too? I think that, just like I’m the only one in the group who likes SJP, I may be the only fan of baby doll shirts. However, they might be just the right thing for this phase in your morphology. 🙂 They’re really in these days. Tunics and flowy tops, too. Perhaps with a tank top underneath? I’m also absolutely sure I saw these cute nursing tops that were a little more fitted around the waist. There are these but I guess that’s doesn’t really fall in the cheap and disposable category. But I mean, you’re going to be nursing for a while, right, so you deserve some nice new tops, right?

  2. specules
    specules June 19, 2008

    Oh the “tunics” link was supposed to go here.

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