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6 weeks – half way there

Z is six weeks old today, and to celebrate this mini-milestone, he treated us to an all out fit of hysteria for most of the afternoon and evening. Now, I certainly don’t believe that in another six weeks, when Z hits three months, he will miraculously turn into an easy baby. But I have to hope that we are at least at the halfway point of what we’ve been told is the hardest part of this experience.

In the interest of staying positive, I will add that we gave Zeke a bottle for the first time today and he took it without a single complaint. This is very good news for him and me, as I have a date to go out with some girlfriends next week. I am really, REALLY looking forward to that (along with a couple glasses of wine…)


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 29, 2008

    Great news about the bottle! AMD

  2. Sarah Goss
    Sarah Goss June 29, 2008

    Hi Mia! This post was written a few days ago, so I hope you’ve had some happier Z days since then. I think you are right: you might not be able to predict a change at the exact moment he hits three months, but you can be pretty confident that things WILL start to get easier, thereabouts. There is just so much incredible change in the first year. Of course, sometimes it feels like you have exchanged one form of hardship for another (I remember when the teething pains started, for instance!). But I can honestly say, from my own point of view at least, that nothing was quite as challenging as the first few months, in terms of feeling new and overwhelmed and scared about the fragility of this new person. Everthing that has come along later, I have felt more stable and able to handle– I felt more experienced and confident, and the problems themselves seemed less overwhelming. Some of these hard times are going to seem far away, before you know it.

    And I second AMD’s congratulations on the bottle. That’s going to mean a lot of new possibilities!

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