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things to remember

Here are some things I’d like to appreciate now, and remember later:

  • tiny little hands – pawing at me like a kitten, resting against my ribs, accidentally brushing my cheek and lips, grasping my finger.
  • wide blue eyes that stare at me with a desperate need that only I can fill.
  • the moment he goes from screaming to silence when I pick him up and cuddle him to my chest.
  • the fuzz on the back of his neck – so kissable.
  • late night moments of primal hunger when he looks just like a baby monkey 🙂
  • little puss face – bottom lip pushed out like a caricature of sad.
  • the heavy feeling of his body when he’s completely wiped out, draped over my shoulder – one hand on my collar bone and the other hanging across my back.
  • the contented sound he makes when he’s eating calmly – a sigh with his mouth full.
  • his serene and slightly surprised look when he gets in the tub.
  • the rare but amazing times when Z wakes up from a nap, looks up at me, and smiles.
  • extreme stretching: arms over head, back arched, butt out.
  • butterfly kisses, and the “aw mom” look he gives me afterwards.
  • tiny little body – my hand covers his entire back from shoulders to hips.
  • pucker face – tiny pursed lips, no chin, all eyes.
  • fast asleep in a carrier, warm and completely relaxed against my body.
  • goofy, gummy smiles.
  • the feeling that this little creature truly loves and needs us, for food, for comfort, for everything. Amazing.

One Comment

  1. arweena
    arweena July 17, 2008

    omigoodness. that was just lovely mia…. just lovely.

    (and i love zeke’s snail shirt.)

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