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11 weeks – first baseball game

We took Zeke to his first A’s game today – and you know what? He seemed to really like it! I was completely prepared to leave after just a couple innings with the little guy crying hysterically. But after sleeping through the first few innings, he woke up and actually seemed interested in the game – or at least in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Coliseum.

We had him in the Bjorn for awhile, then I actually managed to breast feed him. (I now know I can breast feed anywhere.) He spent a good long time after that just sitting in our laps taking it all in. He didn’t cry, he didn’t fuss – he just sat there – looking a little spaced out, but awake – for almost the whole game. We ate sausages, drank beer, sang take me out to the ball game. (My friend Tam took a video of our first family 7th inning stretch and posted it here.) We did pretty much everything we used to do at the game – except watch the game. It was so much more fun to watch Z 🙂

We even stayed into extra innings – here’s all three of us with our rally hats in the bottom of the 10th. Unfortunately, the A’s couldn’t pull out a win for Zekey’s first game, but I know there will be many, many more.

Other 11 week happenings:

The Swing: The swing doesn’t seem to work anymore for long naps. I don’t know if he’s tired of it or if he’s just too interested in everything else going on in the living room, but he won’t sleep for more than 30-45 minutes and we used to get two hours. He also doesn’t like the super high setting anymore – prefers a more mellow pace. (In positive nap news, I noticed he was starting to get fussy and tired the other day so I swaddled him and before I could even start bouncing, he passed out. Slept for 45 minutes in his co-sleeper. Why can’t every nap be like that?)

Little Grabbers: He’s reaching and grabbing for everything – the toys on the gymini, the buckle of his car seat, my glasses, hair, nose. It still doesn’t seem entirely intentional – he kind of reaches out randomly and hopes to land on something good. And if he does, he holds on for dear life – grunting in concentration. And if we come over to see what he’s doing, he smiles up at us with his infectious grin. Ridiculous.

Late Afternoon Sing-A-Longs: We’ve found a new fun way to curb the late afternoon grumpiness – sing-a-longs! We bought a used Dutailier rocker off craigslist and I unburied an old Children’s Songbook I’ve had since I was a kid. We’ve found that we can entertain little Z for up to 30 minutes, rocking and singing with him in my lap. I was even inspired to bust out the guitar while Dave was holding him, and Zekey was totally fascinated – even though I don’t remember how to play a single chord. (Add that to the to do list.)

As Z approaches that magical three month mark, I’m realizing it’s not so much about him changing overnight and becoming an easier baby. He is who he is. But I do feel like things are gradually getting easier – partly because he’s learning how to cope with he world better, and partly because we’re learning how to cope with him better. He definitely cries less, but I don’t know if that’s because he just cries less or because we’ve learned to head off the tears before they happen. In any case, I can honestly say that while we still have difficult moments every day, this is actually getting kind of fun. I hope Zekey feels the same way.


  1. Katie
    Katie August 1, 2008

    absolutely adorable photos!

  2. Hey Mia! This is such a great entry! I loved the 7th stretch. Looks like your lovely family is enjoying life! Much love, Siobhan and Travis

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