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today, just for fun…

I went the other way around the lake.

Then I decided to let Z cry it out for 10 minutes at bedtime.

Note to self – these things don’t help.


  1. Sue
    Sue August 31, 2008

    I had two thoughts after reading your description of Z’s behaviour. When he moves his legs so much and cries, he may be suffering from gas. Pediatricians have drops for this now-a-days. You may want to speak to her.
    The second thought has to do with the short sleep spells at night. This is probably against all the current baby gurus, but I found that starting the baby on solid food (rice cereal) helped. It seemed to stay longer and made him feel more satisfied.
    I know theories change all the time and I did not breast feed, so see what the doctor says about the problems.

  2. abbyg
    abbyg September 2, 2008

    Sounds like Z needs a trip over the bridge to the big city to visit his Aunt Abby… just a thought ;). I’m sending my best baby sleeping vibes over there…

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