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zekey has a cold

It was inevitable with a middle school teacher for a dad. Zekey caught his first cold. I have to say he’s handled it pretty well. He’s been sneezing and coughing and he sounds all hoarse and nasally. He had a low fever a couple nights ago but it hasn’t returned. And I would say he’s having a hard time sleeping, but that would be redundant.

We’ve been trying to help the little guy by squirting saline drops up his nose and using that crazy bulb syringe thing (which he hates), running a vaporizer all night (which the plants love and makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island), and generally trying to shower him with as much affection and sympathy as possible.

The big irony is that he’s actually been pretty mellow since he hasn’t been feeling well. Dave said I should be careful what I wish for. I’m trying awfully hard not to enjoy this respite just a little bit. Poor guy.

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