Distillations #93 – Kids’ Science

Every Nobel Prize winning scientist started as a kid with a telescope, a microscope, or a chemistry set. Scientists aren’t born, they grow from these early childhood explorations. Segments on bangsite, rocketeering, and the national push to get kids more interested in science.


In honor of National Lab Day in May this episode focuses on the scientist in every kid. Alexander Geehr starts the show with a bang, courtesy of his gas-powered cannon, followed by producer Larkin Page-Jacobs’ exploration of a world of science, science toys, and science fairs, all just for kids. Finally, James Voelkel takes a walk down memory lane and into his childhood love of model rockets. Chemical Agent: Bangsite.

Show Clock

00:00 Opening Credits
00:31 Introduction
00:54 Chemical Agent: Bangsite
02:32 Feature: Kids Doing Science
06:51 Boy Rocketeer
12:15 Closing Credits

Image courtesy of Flickr user theeponymousone.

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