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more zekey ramblings

I don’t remember where we were going but I do know that Zekey was *supposed* to be sleeping when he said all this late at night from his car seat. This is an exact transcription.

going to see something with another animal
another one
(grunt, screech, grunt)
no! (squeek!)
I want that! I want nebulizer!
No! I want bert or ernie
not I want something.
i want all of those
so many of those and some of those
no i want a toe or the car or something
we’re singing!
no we’re another train
or that goes by and goes all the trees
and goes another tree and goes no way
and goes no more trees and some geegeegeegeegee
No way! I want to get up or dance or sesame street
no i want bert, no count, no bert
is happy and ernie is happy
no ernie is happy and bert is happy
no different tshirt (?) – no I want bert or ernie

i want the count. I want the batty bat with the count.
(scream!) (whine whine)
I need to get up. I need to get up. Zekey need to get uuuup.
I want to get up and do sesame street and do nebulizer with the count and with the batty bat bat.

No I want to go in the car. No we are in the car.

and little toes and the big toe and SPRING and there’s another toe
and zekey is a boy and so many boys go in the water and boats go in the water

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