Distillations #121 – Geek Chic

The Distillations crew is a decidedly geeky bunch. We revel in it, and with this episode, we hope you will too.

From the Distillations website:

Next time you’re channel surfing, take a look at the scientists depicted on screen. Far from the bumbling poindexters of yore, many of these characters are more like rock stars—solving crimes, saving the world. It makes you wonder: is it becoming chic to be a geek? In today’s episode we seek an answer to this question. First, producer Esther D’Amico investigates how shows like The Big Bang Bang Theory might influence a new generation of scientists. Next, CHF president Tom Tritton looks at some troubling statistics about the state of science education in the U.S. and shares the ways we might improve our standing.

PS: I love my Distillations co-workers for writing “bumbling poindexters of yore”. That is some genius phrasing. 🙂

Image courtesy of Flickr user Bylzz.

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