The Tape Sync

I have done dozens of tape syncs as a freelancer and I rarely get to hear how the tape I gather gets used. But this time was different. My friend and fellow j-school graduate Tamara Keith needed sound from Schoharie, NY, a city that was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. So I drove up there and met Harold Vroman and Alicia Terry, held the mic while Tamara interviewed them over the phone from DC, and then had them show me around town. I sent the tape to Tamara from the parking lot of the Schoharie Free Library, and she wrote this story.

One thought on “The Tape Sync

  1. hi there – i came across your website in a search for tape syncers in the NY area. If you’re still in the business or know people who are, please message me. I work for an LA based company that is looking to have someone on hand in NY as well as Washington DC. Thanks!!

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