Project Word – ExxonMobil and Aceh

I spent a good chunk of this summer and fall editing the radio portion of a multimedia project with my old boss from Terrain Magazine and a kickass young reporter Emily Johnson. This was for Project Word, a non-for-profit that helps give voice to underrepresented journalists and stories.

It’s the story of oil giant ExxonMobil and the atrocities they committed in Aceh, Indonesia, all wrapped up in many years of civil unrest and a highly complicated Supreme Court case. It’s one of the most challenging pieces I’ve worked on.

The radio piece ended up airing on Free Speech Radio News. Print versions ran in the Dallas Morning News and Mother Jones online. The full multimedia package is HERE.

Images: (left) Indonesian men cycle past the enormous Arun natural gas fields in the Aceh, Indonesia. File 2001/The Associated Press. (right) A rice farmer in front of the ExxonMobil facility in Lhoksukon, Aceh. Photo by Emily Johnson.

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