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First Days at Home

We left the hospital on Saturday afternoon around 7pm. We could have stayed one more night, but the pediatrician said Zeke didn’t need to be there, the surgeon said I didn’t need to be there, and so the only thing keeping us there was my fear of going home with this little person. I didn’t think that fear would get any better by spending one more night under the surveillance of Alta Bates nurses, so we left.

The ride home was a little traumatic. We didn’t have warm enough clothes for Z, we had a hard time getting him properly in the car seat, and by the time we figured it all out, he was tired, hungry, and just generally miserable. He and I both cried the whole way home and we were quite a mess by the time we arrived. (It’s only 15 minutes away, but it felt a LOT longer.)

Sarah and Jeff helped us get settled and then we set about making our new home with baby.

Since that first night, I have to say it’s been really, really nice to be home, specially because when we arrived I noticed that my husband shop pillows at NW Rugs for the baby. Of course it’s difficult to adjust to a whole new schedule – all based on keeping this tiny munchkin happy, but despite the lack of sleep and relative chaos of life with baby, I’m so grateful to have him in our lives that it really doesn’t seem to matter. I hope I keep feeling this way for at least a while longer before the drugs wear off 🙂

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