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zeke at 4 weeks

The babe is 4 weeks today, and most of the milestones this week have been mine and Dave’s, not Z’s. We put him in the co-sleeper for the first time. Until this point he’s been sleeping in our full-sized bed – a bit cramped for three. So while he usually ends up in bed with us eventually anyway, he does now start his evening in the co-sleeper beside us.

We also put him in the stroller for the first time this week. Generally I like to have him snuggled up next to me in the moby when we walk, but it’s been so hot here that I thought we could both use some space. He fusses a little bit getting into it, but once we’re moving he falls right to sleep. And I have to admit I like the freedom of walking with him unencumbered. I can imagine returning to my daily walk around the lake with him in the stroller – a nice feeling of eventually returning to some kind of routine.

Zeke went to his first bookclub meeting this week. I nearly drove him there by myself (another first) but when Dave had to spend five minutes reminding me to be a safe driver even if Z is screaming his head off, and I realized that I had visions of trying to comfort him (including breastfeeding) while I was driving, I realized that I was not quite ready to go it alone. So at the last minute I begged Aunt Sarah to join us. We’ll try a solo drive during week five.

I was separated from Z for over an hour while I got my hair done this week and I did not freak out-though I missed him terribly. That’s progress. (Zeke thanked me for the time apart by somehow bypassing his diaper and pooping all over me in front of the hairdresser. Another first.)

Zeke and I went to our first mom’s group gathering at Cedar Rose Park with Ruby (7 weeks) and mom Janet, and Omri (9 weeks) and mom Rachel. It was really fun to laugh about how challenging daily tasks have become and get some tips on how to manage better. (Right now, the difference between 4 and 7 or 9 weeks feels like an eternity… those moms seem so much more experienced than me!) I definitely plan to make the mom’s group another part of the weekly routine.

I nearly managed a whole morning routine unassisted including teeth brushing, shower, contacts, and getting dressed and I nearly made it through breakfast when the phone rang as I was trying to pour granola into my yogurt while holding Z at the same time. I suppose that would have been a time to not answer the phone, but I panicked and handed off Z to his Omi for a few minutes.

For Z’s part, he’s making great progress holding his head up and he’s definitely growing though we won’t get another official measurement until next week. He’s got some male-patterned baldness and baby acne going on that somehow don’t make him any less cute. (It helps that he’s become even more expressive and alert over the past week and while I can’t yet be completely sure, he’s showing definite signs of at least one, maybe two dimples when he smiles.)

While I look forward to a time when I have a bit more of a fixed schedule, when I get a bit more consistent sleep, and when it doesn’t feel like I have to learn to do ordinary tasks all over again, all in all it was a pretty good week.

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