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things I worry about while breastfeeding

In no particular order:

  • am I doing this right?
  • is he actually getting any milk?
  • will he ever let go?
  • is he awake?
  • can he breathe?
  • is he too hot?
  • is he too cold?
  • will I ever get off of this couch?
  • will I spill hot tea on him?
  • will I ever get to sleep?
  • am I becoming a hunchback?
  • will I learn to tpye faaster wiyh one hand (and with fewer typos)
  • is he choking?
  • will I spill my breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack on him?
  • will I drop my water bottle on his head?
  • will he ever grow his hair back?
  • will my boobs ever return to a normal size?
  • why is this taking so long?
  • is he done already?
  • why does this side hurt so much?
  • are his nails too long?
  • when was the last time we gave him a bath?
  • when was the last time I took a bath?
  • will that chocolate/tea/spicy food/ice cream/salad/wine I just ate/drank make him fussy/hyper/sleepy/gassy/allergic/drunk?
  • is his arm falling asleep?
  • is my arm falling asleep?
  • does he need a diaper change?
  • ouch! can I take this anymore?
  • is his head a normal size?
  • will I ever have time to write thank you notes?
  • will he stay asleep after this?
  • will I fall asleep after this?
  • will he roll off the bed/couch if I fall asleep before he’s done?
  • am I really doing this right?


  1. Sarah Woulfin
    Sarah Woulfin June 13, 2008

    I totally love this awesome list of questions…It really shows how Zeke and you have formed an incredible team by depending on each other and affecting each other so, so much (awww)!!

    Much love,

  2. specules
    specules June 13, 2008

    Very funny, Mommy! Gave me a good chuckle. You are so competent in everything you do and you have an air of confidence even when you say you don’t feel confident. I’m sure you’re doing fine. 🙂

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