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Watching Z eat cheerios (Joe’s O’s actually) is one of the highlights of my day. I swear he would be perfectly content eating nothing but cheerios all day every day. It must be satisfying for him to be able to pick something up that doesn’t just squish through his fingers. We have yet to find another finger food that he’s able to get into his mouth before he pulverizes it.

Here’s a probably (definitely) way too long video of one of his first cheerio exploits about a month ago. He’s gotten much more adept at it since then. Incidentally, I promised myself I would never post a video longer than one minute, but I couldn’t possibly choose what part of this to edit out. I have no doubt that someone who is not Z’s mom or grandma could get it down to 30 seconds or less. For the rest of you – I apologize.


  1. betty
    betty February 14, 2009

    isn’t their intensity amazing? he’s just so focused. it’s very cute. i esp like the lone cheerio dangling off his left cheek.

  2. specules
    specules February 24, 2009

    Haaaaaaa. Love when he gets excited at the end. It’s so strange, Zeke looks so grown up, especially when he was examining his hand so smoothly, it surprises me that he’s still a baby and there are things he doesn’t know.

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