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girls, girls, girls

All of my dear college friends have girls so far, and with two more babies due last month, I was sure at least ONE of them would be a boy. But NO! Two more girls!

Baby Celeste (with big sisters Enya and Nola), born February 5, 2009

Baby Rosemary, born February 25, 2009

These lovely ladies join Daliah, Sofia, and Lily Ruth. I guess this means I’ll have to keep waiting for another boy in the group to help support my (very weak) argument that boy babies are more difficult than girl babies. (All the babes present their own challenges of course, but Z still seems to win the prize. Lucky me.) I can only imagine that Zekey is going to be one popular guy (after a few years of it not mattering at all followed by a few years of complete awkwardness).

Baby Z, my little ladies man.

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